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Wholesale | B2B

Purchasing threshold €150 | Fast delivery | Free shipping > €250 | Graduated discount

Wholesale | B2B updates

Due to rising paper prices, we are making the following changes to our Wholesale | B2B environment.

hey Bas? Why has the price of paper risen so much?

It's good to realize that paper prices have always been under pressure for the past decade. The printing companies buy as much paper as possible, for the lowest price. But then came the corona crisis. Not only did the demand for paper pulp increase enormously, but due to the shift from physical purchases to mainly online sales, the demand for shipping packaging increased enormously. This makes a number of paper producers decide to make a switch from fine paper types to cardboard.
A subsequent energy crisis makes the costs of production and manufacture of paper products more expensive and a second price increase follows.
Factories that produce paper get their cooling water from rivers. Low water levels in summer lead to an increase in the scarcity of paper, which in turn affects the price.

Wherever we can, we will make the more sustainable choice. We buy our paper from Italy, our envelopes are produced in the Netherlands. The factories involved all work with green energy. Our cards and posters are printed in Leeuwarden. 

If you have any questions or would like to talk to Bas about this. Feel free to reach out and get in touch with us.

Paper Thickness Cards

Paper prices are rising. That's why we started buying a thinner paper. This paper is just as heavy as the Tintoretto Gesso Paper from 2021. But slightly thinner than the Favini Crush paper of 2021 and 2022.

The effect: a minimal increase in purchasing the paper for the cards. Envelopes prices, on the other hand, are rising to more than 75%.

Conclusion: We take our loss and calculate €0.02 in the wholesale purchase price.

From April 1, 2023 it is also possible to buy the cards without a protective (eco) seal with code: #noseal. By saving us this trouble, you receive a €0.09 discount on the purchase per card for.

Volume discount

The discount on purchasing higher quantities is back!

If you buy more tickets, you get more discount.


From 250 cards =

5% discount

From 350 cards =

7.5% discount

From 500 cards =

10% off

The discount is automatically calculated in the shopping cart.

Orders from €250 ex VAT

= Free Shipping

Gross profit percentages

We are largely dependent on our wholesale | B2B activity.

Without you, we can never reach so many nice customers.

Collaboration is therefore of paramount importance to us.
We, therefore, strive for a win-win situation. That is why in 2019 we started our wholesale philosophy of sharing gross profit margins 50-50.

Currently, the distribution is for both cards as posters average:

43% for Getekenddoorzusje en 57% for you as a store.

Retail advice price

We like to keep the suggested retail price for cards accessible with €2.95 for the A6 format and €4.95 for the larger A5 format.

The suggested retail price for all posters printed after April 1, 2023:

A4/21x30 cm = €19.95

30x40 cm = €27.95

40x50 cm = €39.95

50x70 cm = €57.95

until April 7, 2023 pre order discount: 5% 
until April 7, 2023 pre order discount: 5% 
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