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Getekenddoorzusje preserves

Our new collection is made of more environmentally-conscious paper.

By using new techniques and embracing agricultural waste as raw material, we are reducing the impact of cutting down new trees by 55%.

Tintoretto Gesso = 100% FSC certified.

We are slowly saying goodbye to this 300g/m2 embossed paper that we have used a lot. Throwing it away is not sustainable, so we will sell the cards on this beautiful paper until stocks last.

Kraft Envelope = 100% recycled paper

The authentic and much-used Kraft envelope of 230g/m2 was already a good choice. But it can be even better, so we will match the current stock with the stock of cards.

Eco & Sustainable

To mark the transition, we will give the new collection of cards printed on Favini Crush paper including Paperwise envelopes our own seal.

The cards with the label below are enclosed with an envelope by an eco seal, a transparent sleeve made of biological material such as corn or sugar beet.

Favini Crush


Our new choice of paper!


The environmentally friendly paper is produced with 100% green energy in Italy. A special feature of the paper: 15% of the paper pulp is replaced by organic agricultural waste. 40% of the used raw material is recycled paper. Producing in this way reduces the pressure on cutting trees.



Our new selection in envelopes!


100% agricultural waste

Paperwise produces paper socially and environmentally aware. They produce with 100% green energy and make paper exclusively from agricultural waste. Think of leaves and stems. After all, nature knows no waste.

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